Grail Research

"[Integreon's] Grail Research brought their considerable research experience to bear and helped us move quickly from goal setting to an actionable project plan. The clarity of roles and expectations across organizations was exceptional and really helped us to work as partners with Grail rather than simply as consumers."

"The quality of work provided by Grail, from project scoping to final deliverable, exceeded our expectations. The engagement team was accessible, knowledgeable and extremely adaptable as insights gained led us into new areas for investigation."

"Working with Grail is not a marathon, it is a series of sprints. Grail’s velocity and ability to modulate their efforts to suit our rhythm allowed the project to move rapidly while allowing time for review, insight and iteration between each ‘sprint’. This engagement style allowed Grail to maximize their impact on a project of short duration."

Mike Dean, Product Manager, Business Process & Integration, Microsoft Corporation

"Our relationship with [Integreon's] Grail Research is very productive for T.H. Lee. The Grail Research team is insightful, efficient and very easy to work with. They think and operate on our level and are quick to understand our needs, flexible about accommodating scope changes and able to turn around deliverables rapidly (many times overnight). Grail Research recently played a critical role in a high profile deal by delivering market data on a timeline that no other consulting firm or research partner considered feasible. The results from the work they have performed for us – both during diligence and in support of our portfolio organizations – have enabled us to make better strategic decisions. We have and will continue to recommend Grail Research to our partners and portfolio companies."

Margaret Covell, Managing Director, Strategic Resources Group, Thomas H. Lee Partners

"We engaged [Integreon's] Grail Research because we trusted their ability to simultaneously conduct consumer research in North America, Europe and Asia. The Grail team ensured we asked the right questions and worked seamlessly with our management team and country managers to execute the research. They understood the strategic decisions our organization needed to make and uncovered important insights that have helped guide and validate our global brand strategy and positioning."

Jenny Belknap, Vice President, Global Marketing Origins, a division of The Estee Lauder Companies, Inc.

"As part of our ongoing effort to improve our service we needed to gather feedback from our brokers on issues related to Mutual & Federal’s Engineering Insurance products, services and competitiveness. We turned to [Integreon's] Grail Research to help us gather the insights through structured telephonic interviews with brokers across the country. The Integreon team members really understood our business needs and were thoughtful and professional in the way they worked with us to design a research plan and gather feedback from our brokers. They kept us informed every step of the way. The quality of analysis and insights the team provided was exceptional, and they delivered findings in a refreshingly clear and concise format that we could confidently share with colleagues and executive management team."

Michael Linake, Group Manager: Strategy, Mutual & Federal Insurance Company Limited

"We approached [Integreon's] Grail Research because we needed accurate market intelligence about hard-to-reach regions where there was very limited publicly available information. The Grail team worked closely with us to understand the specific questions we had about each region and the decisions we needed to make. They applied a variety of research techniques to gather and validate data. The quality of analysis and insights they provided was exceptional, and was packaged and delivered in a workshop format which ensured that our questions were answered and our team could quickly and confidently make decisions about each region."

Greg Maud, Manager – Value Based Management and Business Development, SCAW Metals Group (A member of Anglo American plc)

"We called on [Integreon's] Grail Research to help with the expansion of one of our portfolio companies. What was ideal about Grail was that they provided extremely specific details (e.g., which companies and which people we could target) without the transaction cost (time and money) of a large consulting engagement. In a little over a week we had everything we needed in a very concise format. This is exactly the kind of support we want to provide to our portfolio companies: fast, actionable and cost-effective."

Charles Yoon, Principal, Monitor Clipper Partners

"City Lodge was considering entering a new market and we needed support developing a detailed understanding of the traveler behavior in the market and business case for entry. We engaged [Integreon's] Grail Research because they understood our business, had expertise in the market we were considering and knew how to quickly gather the information we needed to make decisions. We were extremely pleased with the quality of insight the team delivered and with the way they helped us think through important positioning and branding decisions. The analysis Grail prepared was very powerful and appropriate for use by our senior executives when presenting the business case to our board. I highly recommend Grail as a strategic research partner for organizations that are evaluating high stakes decisions."

Henri Joubert, International Business Development Manager, The City Lodge Family of Hotels

"Integreon delivered in a short space of time on a complex piece of work. High quality analytics, deep insights and a top-notch consulting team were deployed; combined with continuous communications about progress as well as a real understanding of our needs, I can say that my expectations were exceeded."

Dr. Louis Carstens, Group Strategist, African Bank Investments Ltd.

"I am really impressed by Grail's capacity of revising a vast amount of information extracting the key insights and learnings. It is definitely not an easy task especially when we have such tight deadlines! I really like working with them, I trust their work and I always recommend to other functions of the company."

Insights Manager, Global Marketing, FTSE 100 Company

"Grail Research’s Desk Support team gives us the leverage we need to have our strategy group focused on higher-level activities that are core to our business, while Grail provides us with the research and data that is important to make strategic decisions. The quality and execution of their work is superior from what we have experienced with other providers and we feel confident in their ability to understand our requests and deliver good results. Their team is very professional, communicative and responsive. We view the Grail team as a trusted partner that has added significant value to our organization."

Matthaeus Rimpler, Director Group Strategy Royal, Philips Electronics

"The project was designed to guide a key strategic decision regarding a new sales channel that our company was evaluating as a growth opportunity. The goals of the project required building a data-driven business case to be presented to our board of directors. Grail was accessible and proactive. They guided our team through constructive thought-partnering and analytical-planning. They designed and managed all of the market-research components (customer surveys, etc.) and then presented the final business case and insights to management and the board. In a matter of weeks, Grail delivered important data and insights on whether the new sales channel would be successful, how much new business it would generate and what customers should be targeted. It was impressive."

Sarah Barnes, Vice President of Marketing, Daily Bread

"I expected that the caliber of insight Grail Research provided would be exceptional. What surprised me, however, was the way they worked with me as a business partner with extraordinary client management. They were consistently organized and stayed on top of my deadlines and requests so I didn’t need to. Anyone looking for a strategic research partner that understands business decisions and provides exceptional client service should give Grail a try."

Danielle Boudreau, Director of Investor Relations, New Profit Inc.

"Access to unbiased information about our target markets is critical for making strategic decisions. Grail Research understands the importance of scrutinizing data sources and delivers credible answers to our market intelligence questions. Their teams are diligent and thoughtful in their approach and simultaneously able to meet our urgent timelines."

Stephen Catanzano, CEO/President, Safecore, Inc.

"As a General Partner in a private equity firm, I am often faced with very short deadlines to make significant capital decisions. Grail Research was highly flexible during the project to adjust their work plan from 3 weeks to just over 2 weeks due to our negotiations with the target company. In this timeframe, they provided us excellent research including surveying over 800 customers that yielded very essential insight to support our investment decision. We’d readily call Grail again when facing our next investment decision."

Douglas D. Rohall, Managing Director, JMH Capital

"I had an outstanding experience with Grail Research. As a former strategy consultant, I am quite familiar with expecting high quality research on deadline. My project had tight deadlines and required a lot of primary research. The Grail Research team rose to the challenge and delivered results that met and exceeded my expectations on rigor, quality and professionalism. Overall, I was very pleased and would use them again."

Asheesh Advani, USA President and CEO, Virgin Money