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We overcome the challenges of conducting research in emerging markets to deliver the data and the clarity required to make informed decisions.

Overcoming Research Challenges in Emerging Markets

Understanding the dynamics of emerging markets requires navigating cultural nuances, limited sources of information, unreliable data, diverse languages and other factors. We have completed hundreds of projects in the world’s emerging markets and are ready to handle yours.

Grail Research understands that companies entering emerging markets face myriad challenges: outdated information, low data availability, unreliable data, a lack of expert opinions, low internet penetration and cultural differences.


Grail Research helps you overcome these challenges with advantages that include:


A standing shared or dedicated team allows us to deliver answers as soon as we have clarified the scope of the request.

Conventional and Innovative Methodologies

Exhaustive secondary scan and primary research; stringent quality control measures in place to ensure high quality data, based on experience.

Robust Frameworks

Our research teams help clients identify market potential, customer segments and product offerings.

Diverse Sector Expertise

We have extensive experience supporting businesses across a range of verticals.

Access to Experts

Broad panel of subject and industry experts – through trusted partners and our own networks.

Strong Regional Expertise

Experience supporting local businesses. Our Noida, Beijing and Johannesburg delivery centers put us in the middle of emerging markets.

Through these, we offer actionable insights, customized information, on-the-ground research, multi-geography /multi-lingual research and opinions based on real-time experience.

Global coverage

Grail Research helps clients meet challenges across a wide variety of industries and regions, including emerging markets across the globe.

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Through our office in Johannesburg, South Africa, we have executed more than 150 projects covering various African nations and markets. Our on-the-ground presence and local contacts help us to acquire real insights about the dynamics of changing markets.

    Questions we’ve answered about Africa include:
  • What are consumer perceptions of electronic stores in Nigeria?
  • What water technologies are suitable for our particular geography and needs in Africa?
  • How do mobile phone rates and regulations differ in my country from other countries and how can I apply those learnings to my telecom strategy?
  • How is the advancing socio-economic status of various countries in East Africa changing the market opportunity for US companies?

Grail Research has completed more than 250 projects in the Middle East, across a range of countries and industries, giving us a unique understanding of local markets and consumers in the region.

    Questions we’ve answered about Middle East include:
  • How developed is the mobile payments space in the Middle East?
  • What government healthcare and welfare practices have been implemented in various countries and what have been the success and drawbacks of such systems?
  • What does the residential real estate value chain look like in the Middle East?
  • What will the average spending and future investments be when accepting environmental sustainability in the Middle East?

Recognizing the importance of the Asian market on the global landscape, we opened our Beijing office in 2007. Since then, we’ve executed more than 350 projects in the Asia Pacific region, across a number of industries.

    Questions we’ve answered about Asia Pacific include:
  • Should we enter the white goods category in China?
  • Should we develop specific offerings for the online services market in China or simply acquire a player in that market?
  • What can we learn from our competitor’s market entry strategies in China, South Korea and Australia that will help us prepare for this new market entry?
  • What is the market opportunity for ice cream in China?

Latin America continues to be an area of focus for many of our clients. Our network of contacts and the experience of conducting more than 100 projects helps us overcome nuances in language and culture, as well as the difficulty of accessing data.

    Questions we’ve answered about Latin Americ include:
  • Which medical device company should we acquire in Brazil?
  • What kinds of entertainment venues have been successful in various Latin American countries?
  • What challenges are our management team running into in Latin America that are different from other geographies as it relates to this product?
  • How receptive can we expect consumers to be to this white goods category in various Latin American countries?

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