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Grail Research and Integreon’s Research Services case studies highlight our ability to answer diverse challenges, from assessing a product’s potential in a regional market to creating financial models for investment banks. Click a case study to learn more.

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  • Analysis of Processing Demand of Devices

    When a large semiconductor firm was seeking to better understand the processing demand of devices in the long-term, Grail gathered information and developed a model which showcased growth estimates and trends.
  • Assessing Power Generation Market

    When a power company was considering expanding internationally, Grail Research collected and analyzed industry data and presented a thorough analysis of each of the three countries under consideration.
  • Assessing SMBs’ Needs for Digital Marketing Services

    When a print-services company needed help in identifying common themes and behaviors across different countries, Grail Research conducted several focus-group discussions and generated key insights that enabled the client to develop an entry strategy for these services.
  • Assessing the Evolution of Smart Electricity Grids

    When a client wanted to evaluate the evolution of smart electricity grids across the globe, Grail conducted extensive research to provide the client with a comprehensive database of the technologies in each country
  • Assessing Wind Turbine Market in Europe, India, and China

    When a Europe-based wind turbine manufacturer needed competitive data, Grail Research created an extensive industry overview and presented a review of 15 selected wind turbine manufacturers.
  • Assessment of Market Potential- Latin America Growth Strategy For Cardiac Device Manufacturer

    When a leading cardiac device manufacturer wanted to enter a new geographic market, Grail evaluated their options across multiple countries and helped client executives develop several scenarios into an effective board pitch.
  • Assessment of the NQDC Market

    When a financial services client needed to understand the non-qualified deferred compensation (NQDC) plans market, Grail Research delivered a complete analysis, with decision processes, pricing and coverage gaps.
  • Brand Assessment using Competitive Analysis For a Travel and Tourism client

    When a client wanted to understand why consumers perceived that a tourist destination offered less “value for the money” than its competitors, Grail Research conducted an exhaustive study that included benchmarking, causal analysis and social media scans.
  • Brand Promotoin Benchmarking Study

    When a government institution needed help identifying/evaluating approaches other nations took promoting their country’s brand, Grail Research gathered data and provide the client with detailed profiles.
  • China Healthcare Sector - Trends and Opportunities

    When a commissioning client needed an in-depth study of the Chinese healthcare market, Grail conducted research with executives and used secondary data to summarize the market outlook.
  • City Bus Transportation Benchmarking

    When a client needed to conduct a benchmarking study for transportation systems, Grail studied the problems and outcomes of transportation systems among various cities to develop a database for client.
  • Commercial Market Study for Petroleum Products

    When a South African petroleum company needed to plan future strategies, Grail Research provided detailed analysis and research findings of the current market to estimate demand for petroleum products out to 2018.
  • Competitive Monitoring on Parenteral Nutrition Players

    When a global pharmaceutical company needed a better understanding of their key competitors’ strategies, potential product introductions, and capabilities, Grail Research conducted exhaustive research to create a profile that included a point-of-view on the future strategies of key competitors.

    When a leading US investment bank needed company profiles assembled on a short deadline, Integreon worked with the client to develop a standardized profile format and assemble content from two dozen financial research databases. Integreon created hundreds of profiles, providing the client’s bankers a one-stop shop for building pitch books.
  • Current and Prospective Usage of 3D Avatars

    When a technology giant was assessing the market opportunities for the use of 3D avatars, Grail Research identified the leading players in South Korea and the US, as well as their current product offerings.
  • Data Modeling Support for Pricing and Discount Structures

    When a client wanted analytics support to improve margins, Grail conducted analysis and designed data models and reports to present the findings in such a way that the client was able to improve its strategies.
  • Database of Healthcare Statistics for Benchmarking Study

    When a health insurance company wanted a database of healthcare parameters, Grail Research identified and provided the client with parameters from more than 40 countries.
  • Due Diligence Support for M&A transaction

    To conduct a due diligence to support an M&A transaction in US Food & Beverages market for the client. The target segments were honey; maple syrup and dry soup markets in North America. A combination of primary(in-depth; qualitative interviews) and secondary research was used for this project
  • E-Commerce Market Research (Switzerland)

    When a global FMCG company wanted to study Swiss consumer e-commerce trends, Grail Research generated case studies to analyze consumer digital usage from companies in other categories and determine how to meet customer needs.
  • E-Commerce Market Strategy

    When a client inquired about studying global e-commerce company strategies, Grail Research compiled insights from nine different companies, gathered through hour-long interviews, into a detailed PowerPoint presentation.
  • E-Health Ecosystem and Business Opportunities Study

    When telecom operators needed an analysis of business opportunities in the e-health industry, Grail Research analyzed the data and prepared presentations summarizing our findings.
  • Economic Scenario Assessment for Select Industries

    When a large pharmaceutical firm wanted get the public’s perspective on the economy, environment and specific industries, Grail Research conducted interviews to develop trends and scenarios across different markets.
  • Estimating Inbound Tourists for a Sporting Event

    When a tourism client needed help to ensure that they had enough space to accommodate an increase in visitors, Grail developed a model with different scenarios to provide estimates to the client.
  • Evaluation of Brand and Customer Preferences for Airlines

    When an airline carrier client wanted to assess their brand, Grail Research developed and implemented a survey, and conducted interviews that provided the company valuable data for future marketing planning
  • Evaluation of Distribution Strategies for an IT Company

    When a global IT company wanted to evaluate different distribution strategies to better understand their competition and expand their market reach, we conducted interviews and analyzed the research to generate key insights for the client.
  • Evaluation of IT Infrastructure in the Hospitality Industry

    When a major US-based hotel chain needed to assess its long-term IT strategy, Grail Research designed and executed detailed qualitative interviews and research to aid the development of the company’s approach.
  • Expansion Opportunity for Medical Device Company

    When a medical device company needed help evaluating the drivers and barriers for an implantable device’s potential use, Grail conducted in-depth interviews with patients and specialists in the European market.
  • Festivals in the Middle East

    The objective was to identify and study different water based, cultural and trade events/festivals held globally, particularly in the Middle East
  • Financial Modelling

    When an investment bank needed to quickly and consistently provide detailed, accurate financial models to its analysts, Integreon provided an offshore solution that enabled its Associates to act as extensions of the client’s investment banking team. Integreon’s output was comparable in quality to the client’s internal teams at a significantly reduced cost and enabled the client’s bankers to focus on higher value-add tasks.
  • Financial Services Purchase Process Study

    When a financial services firm wanted to study customers’ purchase processes when switching providers, Grail Research interviewed 30 customers, and surveyed 1,500 more, to develop an action plan to expand their base.
  • Focus Groups for Brand Perception in The Netherlands

    When a client needed in-depth insight on consumer buying behavior related to printed products, Grail Research conducted interviews with the client to formulate a hypothesis to understand the market and the behavior of consumers.
  • Food and Beverage Competitive Analysis

    When a major food and beverage company wanted to formulate a strategy to generate a larger share of wallet, Grail Research performed a detailed analysis that included a comparison of its competitors.
  • Gesture-Based Technology in Education

    When a global technology firm wanted to identify and evaluate opportunities for gesture-based technology, Grail Research conducted a study that defined key customer segments and emerging trends.
  • Global Trends in Flavors and Tastes

    When a client needed data on the influence of tastes, flavors and aromas on consumers, Grail Research created and implemented a research strategy to provide detailed information to help the company develop strategies for their product development.
  • Health IT: Overview and Market Assessment

    When a client desired to extend services into the Health Information Technology (HIT) sector, Grail Research conducted extensive research and analysis that revealed potential growth points and collaborators in the industry.
  • Healthcare Policy Review for Asian Government

    When an Asian government needed help evaluating healthcare systems in selected countries, Grail gathered data to help the client understand the roles and responsibilities of agencies and their different approaches.
  • Hydropower Sector in Vietnam

    When a hydropower plant wanted to evaluate the Vietnamese hydropower industry, Grail Research completed an extensive industry review and then identified and conducted detailed analysis of the top five companies.
  • Identifying key aspects of an ideal Photo Book Brand For a Printing Client

    When asked to obtain data on customers’ perceptions of personalized printing projects and the various providers of these services, Grail Research formulated criteria and analyzed the results to draw relevant insights for the client.
  • Implementation of New Healthcare Practices

    When a government agency needed to evaluate how healthcare practices were implemented globally, Grail Research gathered information from multiple countries, analyzed the data, and presented summary.
  • Information Sources for Developing Countries

    Lists of publicly available information on individuals in numerous countries around the world
  • Key Internet use trends in the MENA Market for a Telecom Provider

    When a telecom provider needed to better understand trends at the global and regional level, Grail conducted research in five different categories to create a detailed view of key internet-usage trends, allowing the provider to determine its existing and potential role in the market.
  • Knowledge Management Solution

    When a leading FMCG manufacturer was looking to increase its utilization and accessibility of its research material, Grail Research stepped in and provided the client with a knowledge management system to centralize all research assets of the organization.
  • Loyalty Drivers for International Spa

    Evaluate the customer perceptions and loyalty drivers among current customer segments for Bliss Spa; based on the key performance metrics
  • Luxury Apparel Brand Equity Study

    Grail surveyed customers of a leading luxury apparel brand to determine shopping behavior and brand awareness to help understand the brand’s position in the market versus its peers. From the data collected, the brand was able to create better marketing strategies that would appeal to both new and existing customers.
  • Market Assessment for Energy Management Systems

    Research helped the client gather information to asses the need/demand of EMS tools in the market and identify challenges and opportunities.
  • Market Assessment for Healthcare Services Provider

    When a healthcare company needed data to develop market-entry strategy, Grail Research executed extensive research, conducted a detailed survey and used the information gathered to develop a marketing strategy.
  • Market Entry Analogs for Mobile Company

    When an emerging mobile company was preparing to enter a new market, Grail Research developed case studies of successful entrants and the tactics they employed.
  • Market Intelligence for a Technology Innovation Firm

    When a large technology firm wanted to enhance the capacity and capability of its market intelligence team, Grail Research provided a dedicated support team to address the client’s research requests and implement a knowledge management system.
  • Market Opportunity Assessment for Enterprise Solutions

    When an international solutions client needed to identify potential product markets, Grail Research narrowed more than 80 possibilities down to ten and provided detailed executive summaries on each, based on extensive research and interviews.
  • Market Opportunity Assessment for Server Integration

    When a technology firm wanted to evaluate the market for a new integration server product, we provided a full report on current and future growth trends for this space, as well as consumer buying behavior.
  • Market Size and Treatment Pathways for Incontinence Treatments

    When a healthcare firm needed help understanding and identifying the different types of female incontinence and their respective treatments, Grail Research gathered data and conducted interviews to create a study that showed estimated patient-flow volumes and different treatment pathways.
  • Market Sizing for a Concierge Service

    When asked to assist the client in developing a growth strategy for its concierge services, Grail Research helped the client understand customers’ perception of the brand, provided an overview of the credit card landscape, and helped to estimate the potential market.
  • Market Trajectory and Competitive Landscape

    The overall goal of the project was to understand the retail banking markets in some European countries. For each geography; the team covered market size; key banking metrics; market shares of top banks; etc.
  • Mediterranean Hotel Industry Study

    The project had 2 modules - in Module 1 we were supposed to look for Hotel Bed Capacity for 25 countries/regions around the Mediterranean sea. Both historic and future estimated data was required for this module. Module 2 involved finding information on future tourism development projects in these countries and capturing details around additional bed capacity it would generate; time of completion; funding; project details etc.
  • Monthly Consumer Insights Tracker

    When a telecom operator wanted to setup a consumer intelligence program, Grail Research provided the client with a quantitative analysis support process to track monthly metrics.
  • Ongoing Guest Satisfaction Survey

    When asked to track guest satisfaction for a casino company, Grail Research designed and executed a survey to measure guest satisfaction on a monthly basis, then analyzed the responses weekly, monthly and annually.
  • Online Community Strategy for Premium Apparel Brand

    When a luxury apparel brand wanted to evaluate the best strategy to enhance their existing online community of opinion leaders, Grail analyzed multiple online communities and defined best practices for the client.
  • Online Media Analysis of Women in the UK

    When a client wanted to determine hot topics from social media sites most frequented by women, Grail Research conducted a scan of the top social media websites and captured relevant user comments to identify themes of discussion.
  • Online Personalized Printed Products Study

    When a global printing products company wanted to better understand key consideration criteria for purchase and selection, Grail conducted focus groups and analyzed data across eight countries.
  • Pre-Testing of Brand Advertisements

    When a photo book company wanted to test the relevance and effectiveness of its newly developed ad campaign, Grail Research helped the client conduct consumer focus groups to gather insight. The findings from the focus groups helped the client to improve and fine-tune its current strategies.
  • Prescription Refill-Rate Analysis

    When a company wanted to identify which pharmacies in Australia carried a certain drug, Grail created a master dataset to show the key aspects of the drug, its competitors, and its availability in pharmacies.
  • Pricing Models for Digital Music Sales

    When a media and entertainment company wanted to implement a differential pricing model for online purchases, Grail Research developed a complex survey tool enabling the client to make an informed decision.
  • Private Label Credit Card Sales Analysis

    When a boutique analytics firm needed help identifying customer segments/regions that have high potential use for their client’s credit cards, Grail Research built and validated a predictive model.
  • Product study for FMCG company on a retainer basis

    When our retainer client, a consumer goods company, wanted to understand the ecommerce market for their products, Grail Research provided comprehensive secondary research on sales channels, regulations, key players and marketing strategies.
  • Profile Potential Investment Targets in Emerging Markets

    When a client needed detailed data on potential e-commerce investment targets, Grail Research identified more than 200 companies and gathered key information and metrics.
  • Purchase Behavior Study in an Online Community

    When a discount retailer wanted to better understand its consumers’ buying behavior, Grail Research gathered a pool of consumers to voice their opinions in an online platform and delivered feedback to the client.
  • Purchase Process of IT Infrastructure & Software Products

    When an IT company wanted information on IT product purchasing trends to update their marketing strategy, Grail Research conducted in-person interviews and quantitative surveys of IT purchasers.
  • Purchase Process Study for a Virtualization Infrastructure Company

    When a client needed to better understand the purchase behavior of enterprise data centers and test a hypothetical concept, Grail Research conducted in-depth interviews with domain experts and stakeholders. The findings from these interviews helped the client form strategies for its sales, marketing and product-engineering teams.
  • Quick-cycle market analysis and branding survey

    When a prominent sporting equipment company wanted to study its branding and market positioning, Grail Research delivered a report within a week, based on a survey they designed and fielded to more than 1,500 respondents.
  • Rapid due diligence for Private Equity Firm

    When a private equity firm needed data on customers’ buying preferences, Grail Research developed and conducted a survey fielded to more than 800 respondents, and then compiled the data into a detailed report.
  • Segmentation Study for Cable Provider

    When a cable provider needed help in segmenting its subscribers, Grail Research conducted an online survey to create framework that identified segments and profiled/sized each segment.
  • Segmentation Study for Healthcare Company

    When asked to identify growth areas for a healthcare company’s brand, Grail Research designed and implemented an online survey to analyze consumer behavior. From the results, Grail Research created a segmentation framework on which to build new market strategies.
  • Segmentation to Support Communication Strategy

    When a client need to analyze the South African population in order to develop a communication strategy, Grail Research created the framework necessary to identify segments with various needs.
  • Social Media Analysis for Cardiovascular Products

    Grail Research used research obtained from social media websites to determining the level of activity for clinicians and patients for ten cardiovascular drugs and create heat maps. From these maps, the client was able to perform a detailed sentiment analysis that compared the drugs across identified themes.
  • Telecom Ongoing Retainer Relationship

    When a telecommunications company needed regular, real-time support for its in-house research teams, Grail Research provided a dedicated team to help assist the client with various requests ranging from two- to three-week modules to longer-term engagements spanning several months.
  • Telecom Ongoing Retainer Relationship

    When a client desired an analysis of the data center market pending introduction of telecoms, Grail Research extensively researched the industry and compiled reports to assist the client in developing a strategy.
  • Water Strategy Implementation

    Grail Research assisted an African government by globally researching best practices on other water projects and identifying and profiling potential funding partners.
  • Website Usability & Perception for Financial Services Firm

    When a financial services company needed to test its new website, Grail developed a screening questionnaire and provided the client with user feedback on the main areas of interest and key usability issues.
  • Workforce Data Analytics Support

    When a workforce solution provider in the aviation industry wanted to analyze its database of workers to identify key metrics to be used in decision making, Grail Research analyzed the existing data and prepared easy to navigate reports that helped the client better understand the dynamics of the problem.