Immigration policy is becoming increasingly uncertain and so it is crucial to have a solutions partner who understands how to complete all the essential documentation correctly, efficiently and effectively.

Integreon offers a broad array of immigration services all of which combine to help our clients better enable the global mobility of their workforce.

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As an extension of your immigration team, Integreon will draw on years of experience providing immigration services to deliver high-quality support and facilitate the uncomplicated movement of your employees across the globe.

Working from dedicated, secure facilities, our offshore team can operate during US overnight hours, reducing cycle times. And by outsourcing this work to Integreon, we enable you to reduce costs and reallocate your in-house attorneys and paralegals to higher-value functions.

Are we immigration experts?
We have a significant level of domain expertise in the immigration field and experience processing a broad range of immigration forms.

How is this work performed?
Integreon strives to replicate a client’s environment and processes. Where possible, Integreon Associates work within the client’s own systems, IT environment and workflows.

How does the work transition from the client to Integreon?
Our knowledge transfer experts spend time with our clients, analyzing existing documentation, corporate cultures and workflows before recommending possible efficiency gains in the current process flow and/or a (new) workflow.

How is the privacy of employees personal data protected?
Integreon works in dedicated, separate and secure environments. Our network is stable, with firewalls and other security measures in place to prevent data leakage.
When accessing our clients’ systems, Integreon Associates log in via a secure, access-controlled networks with a Citrix or hard/soft token environment that is accessible only from the delivery hub, and all machines are hardened so that no data can be physically removed via CD, thumb drive or other port.

What are the expected cost savings of outsourcing this service?
Depending on the location selected, the savings can be as large as 40 percent compared to using in-house staff to perform the same work. If outside counsel currently handles this function, the savings can be much greater.

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