Managed Discovery

Litigation and e-discovery are challenging enough without the headaches of managing technology. With Simplicity™ and Simplicity Plus™ from Integreon, you won’t have to. For a simple monthly fee, you gain access to leading technologies, while we apply over a decade of experience and ISO-certified best practices to managing the discovery process. When e-discovery gets complex, the solution is simple. Discover the value of Simplicity and Simplicity Plus from Integreon.

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Integreon’s Managed Discovery services help you reduce the risk, cost and headache of utilizing e-discovery technology. No hardware or licenses to buy. Just a simple monthly subscription fee and we do the rest. Our managed discovery services include:

  • Simplicity™ for access to kCura’s Relativity review platform, including project management.
  • Simplicity Plus™ for access to kCura’s Relativity plus other leading technologies for processing and production, including project management.

In addition, Integreon offers a complete portfolio of a la carte and integrated discovery services and technologies for collection, processing, analysis, hosted review and the client’s preferred blend of onshore, offshore and on-site document review.


Integreon has more than a decade of experience supporting a wide range of review systems for the world’s leading law firms and corporate legal departments. We further differentiate by seamlessly integrating people, process, and technology, and delivering efficient, effective results through an unrivalled global services network of onsite, onshore, and offshore support.

Integreon works with each client to apply the proper mix of proprietary and best-of-breed technologies to automating processes, streamlining workflows and reducing costs.

The software we currently support includes:

Processing & Early Case Assessment

While we can’t predict the future, our proprietary and third-party data reduction tools can help you assess electronically stored information (ESI) and make informed decisions about the likely costs of discovery and whether to settle a case or proceed.

Web-based applications, such as IPRO Allegro and Mindseye TunnelVision, offer data processing and early case assessment (ECA) tools that reduce data volumes by up to 95% prior to full processing and review. Through these tools, you can test different parameters for data domains, email senders and recipients, file extensions, date ranges and other metadata fields, making data easier to visualize and defensible reduction easier to manage. These technologies can handle 1-2TB of data per day or more, giving them the power to scale well beyond today’s largest projects.

For full processing, we offer IPRO eCapture and Mindseye TunnelVision.



Integreon has been a partner with kCura, developers of Relativity e-discovery software, since 2010. We are also a Relativity Premium Hosting Partner, with years of experience supporting all phases of the electronic discovery (disclosure) process.

We offer clients a choice of using the Relativity review platform as an al a carte hosted service, as a managed service (i.e. our Simplicity™ and Simplicity Plus™ offerings), or as a fully integrated document review process that combines the review platform with our award-winning managed review services. Clients can also expect exceptional support from our team of Relativity Certified Administrators.


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