Legal Research and Drafting

Our Associates are skilled in responding to a wide range of legal research requests, from quick requests for cases and legislation to in-depth analyses of developments and trends. They are also familiar with current awareness searches and making this information available to clients via portals, newsletters or other customizable deliverables. They use the latest online research tools, search across various data sources to identify statutes, regulations and legislation, and understand the interplay of local, national and international laws.

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Working under the supervision of either in-house or outside counsel, Integreon’s research lawyers can support a broad range of legal research tasks. The services we offer include:

  • Primary and secondary legislation searching
  • Case law research
  • Large-scale summation document abstracts
  • Journal searching
  • Current awareness
  • 50-state / multi-jurisdictional surveys / legislative tracking
  • Multi-jurisdictional surveys on compliance issues
  • Multi-lingual resources fluent in more than 50 languages
  • Regional legal expertise

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