E-Discovery & Document Review

Our complete portfolio of services and technologies spans all phases of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM), offering integrated solutions that deliver end-to-end support for collection, processing, analysis, hosted review and the client’s preferred blend of onshore, offshore and on-site document review.

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Choose just the services and technologies you need or take advantage of Integreon Complete™ a comprehensive, fixed-fee solution that helps you better predict and manage your legal costs and outcomes. The services we offer include:

  • Discovery Consulting
  • Digital Forensics
  • Tape Indexing & Restoration
  • Data Analytics Consulting
  • Data Reduction and ECA
  • High-Speed Processing
  • Hosted Review
  • Managed Review
  • Integreon Complete™

Consultative planning and disciplined execution enable us to deliver a transparent, consistent, high-quality experience and repeatable results. Integreon’s e-discovery services are trusted by top global law firms, Am Law 50 firms and Fortune 100 companies because they are:

  • Defensible: We mitigate risk by delivering a high-quality work product and defensible process.
  • Predictable: We manage the total cost of the e-discovery process.
  • Accountable: We address critical issues to enable better outcomes.


Our complete portfolio of services and technologies span all phases of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM), with integrated support from beginning to end. We are the only provider that offers a full suite of integrated solutions with onshore, offshore and on-site services.

Integreon Complete

Beyond our a la carte services, our Integreon Complete™ model provides law firms and corporate legal departments more predictable pricing and an all-inclusive approach for end-to-end electronic discovery services and support, with the goal of achieving desired outcomes.

From collection to production, Integreon Complete is the first all-inclusive managed document review and production services model delivered entirely by a single-source provider. Integreon Complete draws on our award-winning consulting, delivery and legal teams to provide high-quality, end-to-end e-discovery services that follow best practice processes and use proprietary or licensed best-of-breed technologies.

Included Services

  • Data triage
  • Data pre-processing/ECA/culling
  • Full processing to native file
  • Database load and hosting for specified term
  • User access for specified term
  • Conceptual analytics
  • Managed first pass document review and QC
  • All project management for specified term
  • Production to TIFF format with accompanying load files and metadata
  • Deliverable media

Choice of Technologies

  • Relativity
  • eView™
  • XERA
  • TunnelVision
  • eCapture


  • 6-month and 12-month plans, priced on a per hosted-gigabyte basis

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Disclaimer note on the practice of law:
Integreon provides matter support and LPO services under the supervision of our clients, who are legal professionals (external or internal counsel) and are ultimately responsible for delivering legal advice or opinions to their clients. We are not authorized to practice law or provide legal advisory services.


Discovery Consulting

Integreon’s consultants deliver a blend of strategic guidance and practical assistance to help you meet your discovery requirements. Our broad expertise, from planning through production, on national and international issues, helps you address complex litigation requirements during every phase of the discovery process.

Our discovery consulting services include:

  • Case management consulting: We work with clients and counsel to develop effective case management strategies, including Early Case Assessment (ECA), overall project plans and a cost structure for collecting, processing and reviewing data.
  • Litigation readiness assessment: We determine your level of preparedness to respond to litigation and ensure your e-discovery plan is current, repeatable and defensible. We can also advise on your data retention and destruction policies.
  • 26(f) Meet & Confer planning: We gather data on electronically stored information (ESI), documents and protocols, and help you develop strategies for a successful FRCP 26(f) Meet & Confer process.
  • Data mapping and profiling: We map internal and external data sources and conduct regular audits to ensure you’re prepared for discovery.
  • Software training and support: We help you select the best product for your project and help you get the most from it.

Digital Forensics

Our digital forensics team expertly handles large, complex data collection and preservation projects with forensically sound methods, a defensible chain of custody and customizable solutions. We harvest only relevant information, narrowing the data universe prior to e-discovery processing and review, while substantially reducing the risk and cost associated with e-discovery.

We specialize in recovering the digital artifacts left by the routine use of computing systems and electronic devices. Our experts can recover and examine previously deleted tapes or files and establish event timelines – using defensible, best practice processes – to deliver the evidence required to support a thorough investigation.

Integreon’s digital forensics services include:

  • Mobile device forensics: We can extract data from 90% of cellular device types in use today, including mobile phones, GPS devices and personal data assistants (PDA). The information captured includes SMS text messages, positioning, email, images and calendar data.
  • Cloud-based forensics: We capture information from social media services, such as Facebook and Twitter, in a forensically sound manner. We can also capture data from online data repositories, email providers and document storage sites. Our output allows keyword searching, load file creation for review, forensic analysis of the underlying metadata and can render the page as it was displayed at the time of capture.
  • Website capture: We forensically capture websites in a manner that allows for keyword search, domain analysis, the rendering of pages in the original format and load file creation for review.
  • Global data collection: Our collection and preservation methods use best practices to preserve the chain of custody. In addition to our on-site and lab-based collection services, our proprietary Seek & Collect™ technology offers a cost-effective plug-and-play method for collecting data across geographically-dispersed locations.
  • Digital forensic analysis: Our forensics laboratory is one of the largest in the industry, capable of running multiple large-scale examinations simultaneously. Our consultants are certified as EnCase Certified Examiners (EnCE) and Certified Computer Examiners (CCE), and specialize in internal investigations, intellectual property disputes, white collar crimes and employment litigation.
  • Password recovery: Our password discovery methods can unlock virtually any Microsoft, Corel, Lotus or Adobe document. We support forensic investigators and law enforcement agencies with the ability to run simultaneous attempts, significantly increasing the speed at which we recover passwords.
  • Secure data storage and archiving: Litigation can spin into unpredictable directions that result in surprising requests for information. Integreon can help you prepare for the unexpected by archiving electronic data. Our services include drive image archiving, Exchange database archiving and tape storage, ensuring you can respond more quickly to discovery requests.
  • Data destruction: Integreon can provide secure, Department of Defense-grade destruction of magnetic media, including thumb drives, hard drives, tapes and solid-state devices. This service includes full documentation of the destruction process for client records.
  • Expert witness services: Integreon can provide expert witness services, including certifying and testifying on the discovery methodologies used by both sides, offering opinions regarding the policies and procedures followed during a case, and reporting to the court as a fact witness.

Data & Tape Indexing & Restoration

Digital records are as challenging to handle as they are crucial. Our digital forensics team offers a full range of services for restoring electronically stored information (ESI) that is hidden, deleted, corrupted, password-protected, encrypted or stored on damaged media, ensuring clients have access to all the data they need.

Our digital forensics team offers a full range of restoration services to ensure clients have access to the data required for the discovery process. Our services include:

  • Inventory and cataloguing: With amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, readiness is more critical than ever. We help clients keep up by inventorying and cataloging their backup tapes, and determining how and where electronic documents and e-mails are located.
  • Tape restoration: Integreon has the expertise to restore critical data from 95% of backup formats – even from obsolete media. Our teams can recover archived data from multiple locations and/or third-party vendors in a forensically sound manner, including non-native restorations or through a rebuild of your environment.
  • Our Advanced Tape Discovery™ system enables clients to quickly assess the contents of backup tapes, Exchange databases and mailboxes at a fraction of the cost of traditional restoration services.

  • Tape duplication: Duplicating relevant backup tapes can be tedious and time-consuming for your IT staff. We can provide bit-by-bit copies of virtually any tape format.
  • Tape destruction and verification: We can help eliminate, in a defensible manner, tapes that are no longer needed.

Data Analytics & Consulting

By identifying patterns or correlations among dozens of fields stored in large relational databases, we can identify relevant information and organize it for review. Our efficient analytical processes reduce the risk, time and expense related to discovery response.

Integreon’s data analytics and consulting services provide a defensible approach to data reduction and reduce volumes by a significantly greater factor than other approaches. For example, keyword approaches alone can reduce volumes by 50%, while our data analytics can reduce volumes by up to 80%.

Our consultants work in partnership with client legal teams to:

  • Increase precision by delivering fewer non-responsive documents
  • Reduce the risk of missed responsive items
  • Reduce the cost of privilege review

Data Reduction and ECA

Our process integrates early case assessment (ECA) with data processing to help clients reduce data volumes and make informed decisions about whether to settle a case or proceed with litigation. Our reports help clients consider the risk, cost, and time required for a full discovery process.

Our web-based applications integrate data processing and early case assessment (ECA) tools to reduce clients’ data volumes by as much as 95% prior to full processing and review.

After reviewing your matter, our discovery consultants work with you to select the tools and technologies that best meet your specific requirements. With these tools, such as IPRO Allegro and Mindseye TunnelVision, you can test different parameters for data domains, email senders and recipients, file extensions and other metadata fields, making data easier to visualize and defensible reduction easier to manage.

The easy-to-use web interfaces also allow you to test date ranges, key terms and derivatives; select de-duplication options; and set file-type and domain exclusions to ensure relevant documents are sent into subsequent full processing and review.

Integreon’s First Line Analysis™ platform is another cost-effective technology that can be implemented in-house or as a hosted service, and which is ideally suited for conducting ECA and first-pass review processes. It can serve as a starting point for a more efficient electronic discovery and document review process, including support for migrating data into leading hosted review platforms.

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High-Speed Processing

Our full processing capabilities have the power to scale well beyond today’s largest project sizes, and include support for high-speed processing in excess of five terabytes or more per day. This exceptional speed rapidly reduces vast volumes of data and expedites moving relevant data into review. We work with each client to select the tools and technologies that best meet their specific case requirements.

Our technologies for full processing include IPRO’s eCapture and Mindseye’s TunnelVision. Integreon’s discovery consultants work with each client to select the tools and technologies that best meet their specific client and case requirements.


Document Review

Whether you need a comprehensive document review service or simply on-location staffing to augment your processes, Integreon has the experience, flexibility and operational scale to meet your needs. We follow rigorous, defensible processes to deliver predictable, consistent, high-quality privilege and responsiveness reviews onshore, offshore or on-site.

For more than a decade, Integreon has run managed reviews on a wide range of matter types and complexities. From our review centers in the US, UK, India and the Philippines, Integreon can meet your preferences for the right mix of onshore, offshore, and on-site service delivery, and can scale our resources for matters of all sizes.

The full range of Integreon’s review services include:

  • Managed Review: Our globally managed review processes utilize industry-standard best practices, documented defensible processes and in-depth performance metrics to offer increased client visibility into project status, costing and results. Managed review is available onshore, offshore, on-site and via blended service delivery.
  • On-Site Staffing: Integreon provides contract reviewers at your location. Our staff can also manage compliance functions, internal compliance audits, annual reviews, compliance program initiative rollouts, annual reporting / metrics reporting and more.
  • Dedicated Teams: Our dedicated review teams deliver high-value services and can offer greater service consistency, based on their subject matter expertise and familiarity with client preferences. Dedicated teams are available onshore, offshore, on-site, and via blended service delivery.
  • Technology Consulting and Service: From hosted review to technology-assisted review, Integreon has the expertise, the resources and the partnerships to assemble the right tools and technologies for all phases of the e-discovery process.

Integreon also has extensive experience building and supporting review systems. Clients can choose just our document review services or combine them with our hosted services for a fully integrated solution.

Flexible, Efficient Service Delivery
Unlike many LPO providers, Integreon has extensive analysis and data processing operations in the US, along with lawyers, e-discovery experts and project managers in New York; Washington, DC; Atlanta and Fargo, North Dakota; as well as in London and Bristol, UK. We also have hundreds of lawyers in our offshore review centers in Mumbai and Noida, India, and Manila, Philippines. The options we offer for blending onshore and offshore review make Integreon one of the most flexible providers in the business.

This global network allows us to take a multi-shore, “follow the sun” approach that offers around-the-clock progress. It also replaces the traditionally higher costs of overnight staffing with the significant savings of offshore review. Whether our service delivery is onshore, offshore, onsite or a blend of all three, Integreon provides cost certainty and predictability. We deliver clear visibility into costs, upfront and throughout the project, with per-document and per-project pricing even for complex matters.


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