Due Diligence

When speed is of the essence, Integreon ensures our clients have the resources required to thoroughly assess risks within tight timeframes. We have supported billions of dollars of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity, providing due diligence and summarization services involving more than 100,000 contracts, in more than 40 languages, covering work in more than 50 countries. Our lawyers receive detailed industry, domain and matter-based training in coordination with each client’s unique requirements.

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We understand that high-quality contract summaries are essential to accurately assessing proposed targets, so we work with our clients to develop due diligence review guidelines consistent with in-house or outside counsel strategies. Our teams interact with counsel to understand the background of the acquisition and the parties and industries involved. As engagements progress and we confront issues, terminologies and jargon not covered during training, we continually update our project manuals, ensuring every team member fully understands the process.

Integreon’s due diligence services support our clients by:

  • Providing low cost, high-quality multi-lingual contract summarization services
  • Establishing clear reporting lines and escalation protocols
  • Ensuring our teams are fully trained on confidentiality requirements, the deal background and involved entities
  • Providing input on best-practices template design
  • Capturing summaries into an online bible or library for future reference
  • Proactively communicating any significant information which might affect negotiations
  • Increasing our clients’ capacity to focus on and assess higher-value and higher risk contracts

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