Contract Management and Review

In-house lawyers increasingly find themselves overwhelmed with contract review requests. The high volumes of routine contracts and the time required to draft and negotiate them can distract resources from managing more important, higher-risk contracts. Our professionals help reengineer your contract review processes, select and implement contract management technology, and support your ongoing contract creation, review and negotiation requirements. Integreon also applies cost-effective technologies for migrating legacy contracts.

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Integreon provides end-to-end contract lifecycle management support including: contract management, review, drafting, redlining, negotiation, abstraction and summarization. We also help clients manage their ongoing rights and obligations and ensure compliance with the myriad of impacting global regulations by summarizing executed contracts, mapping clauses against regulations, identifying key terms, conducting gap analyses, issuing amendments, globalizing contracts and populating contracts databases.

Our teams are experienced with all the leading third-party contract lifecycle management software packages, including SciQuest, Selectica, Onit, Novatus, Emptoris, Apttus, Ariba and SharePoint-based systems, as well as in the consultation, design, implementation and database management of these systems. Where appropriate, we employ specialized tools such as Kira and Seal for automated contract data extraction and analytics.

Integreon’s award-winning Contract Management Services support our clients by:

  • Re-engineering contract review processes: We have the expertise to analyze which aspects of the work done by lawyers, paralegals, and support staff add value and which should be eliminated, automated or delivered by alternative resources.
  • Adding high-value capacity and improving morale: By engaging Integreon’s global teams of specialist contract lawyers and paralegals, we free your lawyers from routine, low-value work so they can focus on higher-value activities. This leads to higher job satisfaction, reducing turnover in your legal department.
  • Managing rights and obligations: We summarize executed contracts, identifying key terms and dates to populate or create contracts databases, and we support the ongoing monitoring and management of contractual rights and obligations.
  • Creating contract review and negotiation playbooks: We create comprehensive contract playbooks. Our deliverables demonstrate best practice execution and include approved templates, negotiating and fallback positions. They also include sections outlining standard operating procedures, roles, responsibilities, KPIs and decision rights.
  • Leveraging multi-lingual resources: With the LPO industry’s first and only multi-lingual contracts LPO delivery center, we can support ongoing contract review and negotiation in more than 50 languages.

Integreon’s cost effective legacy contract review and migration services offer our clients the following benefits:

  • Automated, software enabled data categorization and abstraction: Auto-triaging contracts based on business rules (e.g. excluding expired, duplicate, unsigned or immaterial contracts); and automatically abstracting contract metadata from portfolios of scanned and OCR-processed contracts.
  • Cost-effective manual contract review and abstraction: Ensuring the appropriately skilled resource abstracts each field.
  • Cost transparency: Through a fixed per-contract price, and/or total engagement fixed pricing.
  • Uploading into contract management systems: Following contract execution or legacy contract review, we can support migrations into CLM systems.
  • A next-step capability: Identifying when action must be taken to notify parties or amend agreements and undertaking the requisite remediation support.

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