In a rapidly-changing, cost-driven environment, corporate legal departments and their outside counsel are under constant pressure to deliver greater value to their clients and organizations. Our highly experienced consulting team focuses on helping clients improve and transform their practices and operations. We have deep experience analyzing, deconstructing and reengineering legal processes, and the expertise to determine which add value and which should be eliminated, automated or delivered by alternative resources.

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Integreon’s transformation consultants and subject-matter experts have deep experience analyzing legal expenditures, applying Lean and Six Sigma techniques, and optimizing the utilization of technology and flexible resources. Our services include:

Legal Process Reengineering

Our experts can help improve efficiency and effectiveness of legal services by:

  • Developing a business case for change
  • Reengineering processes using Lean/Six Sigma techniques
  • Applying technology, best practices and flexible resources
  • Delivering new operating models
  • Preparing our clients to work effectively within the new model
  • Defining service levels, metrics, and governance processes
  • Propose alternative sourcing models, if appropriate

Legal Department Spend Analytics

Our consultants analyze legal invoices and e-billing data to facilitate process improvements and overall legal spend reduction. This includes:

  • Analysis of historic billing data to find lost financial value
  • E-billing and matter system alignment and management for increased billing transparency and efficiency
  • Best-in-class analytics and specialized visual techniques to generate custom reports with actionable insights that include error rates and turnaround times, as well as cost benchmarking by matter, timekeeper, vendor, outside counsel, etc.
  • Outside counsel and vendor performance analysis, benchmarking and best practices modeling
  • Competitive and historical spend benchmarking and analysis
  • Concrete, actionable recommendations for future spend reduction and process improvement

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