Rapidly changing regulatory landscapes mean corporations face ever-increasing local, national and international compliance burdens and growing volumes of preventive and case-related activities. Our full suite of legal outsourcing solutions helps reduce the cost of these burdens while improving the productivity, depth and quality of compliance programs and investigation-related response efforts.

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Our compliance solutions help clients in highly regulated fields, such as the insurance, pharmaceuticals, energy, mining, telecommunications, aerospace, defense and financial services industries, manage their unique compliance requirements. By shifting routine “check-box” tasks to our trained professionals, Integreon can free your staff for higher-value tasks while ensuring uniformity, risk mitigation and lower costs.

We can support in-house counsel by implementing the recommendations of outside counsel, assist in the integration or migration of compliance systems, improve processes, and track and report metrics. With our comprehensive solutions and deep understanding of regulatory landscapes, Integreon can ultimately help clients get out in front of their future compliance needs. Our compliance solutions include:

  • Know Your Customer/Supplier: Our proactive services help clients implement and execute documented, defensible compliance programs for the readiness you need to address subpoenas, investigations, inquiries and audits.
  • Anti-Money Laundering: Our detailed due-diligence support and reporting enables clients to comply with increasingly globalized anti-money laundering (AML) scrutiny, including actions stemming from the Bank Secrecy Act and the USA Patriot Act. We manage questionnaires, certification collection and reporting, “red-flag” follow up and administrative functions, as well as routine regulatory reporting and periodic internal auditing processes.
  • E-communications Monitoring/Social Media Compliance: We can monitor your employees’ electronic communication and, soon, their social media activity, in real time for regulatory and internal policy compliance.
  • M & A Support: We work with counsel to perform a host of services, including the development of process guidelines, checklists and templates. We can set up and support online data rooms, analyze and host documents for review and provide a variety of managed review services.
  • Managed Document Review/Investigatory Support: Integreon has more than a decade of experience helping clients manage document reviews in support of SEC, FINRA, Euribor subpoenas and inquiries, as well as the burdens imposed by the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), FINRA, Dodd Frank, OFAC, the UK Bribery Act and UK FCA.
  • Regulatory Tracking/Legal Research/Knowledge Management: Daily targeted searches across multiple databases enables us to track current and pending legislation and regulations at both the state and federal levels. Our in-depth analysis of the interplay of local, state and federal legislation helps our clients “see around corners” and take action in advance of regulatory changes.
  • Contract Compliance: A host of contract compliance issues call for comprehensive and timely review, including M & A, divestitures and compliance with state and federal contracting requirements. We help clients and counsel draft, review, modify, abstract, remediate and manage high volumes of contacts on an efficient and timely basis while reducing costs by up to 50%.
  • Multi-lingual Compliance Support: With support for more than 50 languages on-staff, our Associates can provide compliance services in multiple jurisdictions around the world while utilizing a ‘follow-the-sun’ delivery model that lowers costs and response times.

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