Managing Millions of Documents for IP Litigation


When a global consumer technology company engaged in patent and IP litigation across multiple districts and jurisdictions needed an expedited workflow to process, review and manage millions of related documents, Integreon’s best practices and proprietary software helped the client meet court-mandated deadlines while our offshore delivery center realized significant cost savings for the client.


  • A global technology company was coordinating multi-district/multi-jurisdiction patent litigations, each with its own outside counsel.
  • The client needed a custom-designed workflow to process, cull, review and produce materials from overlapping custodial and enterprise data source collections, amounting to millions of documents. The matters required separate databases, independent quality control regimes, parallel rolling production of responsive documents and preparation of corresponding privilege logs.
  • Solution

  • We hosted reviewable data on our proprietary application, eView, and built best-practices workflows in consultation with each counsel.
  • We deployed two dedicated offshore teams, coordinated by a US-based senior Review Over-Manager. This manager ensured conformity to counsel-approved quality control processes and coordinated counsel’s role in validating the results of review for production.
  • We customized our iterative, defensible review and QC processes to the two matters and cross-trained our teams for resource flexibility
  • Impact

  • Offshore review resulted in significant cost savings for the client, as well as a high-quality work product for counsel on each case.
  • We met the specific requirements of separate outside counsel in each case, providing a platform with customizable workflows, and the ability for counsel to work in parallel with Integreon teams on materials under review.
  • All deliverables were completed on time, in accordance with court-mandated discovery deadlines.
  • The team worked closely with counsel to build a defensible, repeatable model in each case.