Document Processing Support and Workflow Management for a Law Firm


When a top ten global law firm needed to reduce its document processing costs and increase availability, Integreon created an on-shore virtual production center. The new center is open 24/7, helps the client reduce their attorney-to-secretary ratios and saves an estimated $6M annually.


Our client, a top ten global firm, faced internal pressure to reduce its document processing costs across all U.S. offices. The firm had grown rapidly through a series of mergers and acquisitions and faced several challenges:

  • Operating inefficiencies, including duplication of efforts, in management of multiple internal document centers
  • Internal resources had grown too expensive, relying heavily on overtime and temp staff, and the client had no way to track their utilization
  • Lack of resources to meet peak demand situations on a 24/7/365 basis
  • The client desired to maximize their internal team’s time, improve overall efficiency of its word processing and transcription operation and utilize their secretarial staff for higher value tasks.


    The relationship started with Integreon providing overflow support, but quickly grew to include workflow coordination and, over time, the client transferred the entire program to Integreon. They expanded the relationship due to our superior customer service, timeliness, quality and flexibility, as well as our ability to reduce the client’s document processing spend. Integreon worked with the client to establish a virtual production center (VPC) in our Fargo, North Dakota, delivery center.

    All document processing requests are sent to the VPC and routed by Integreon’s Workflow Coordinators to onsite document processors or the Integreon team, based on the availability and skill sets of various resources. Our proprietary workflow tool tracks workflow processes, deadlines, project time and quality and efficiency metrics.

    After consolidating the word processing centers, Integreon offered all remaining onsite staff employment at Integreon, resulting in a 24 FTE program, with 23 additional staff dedicated to the program on an asneeded basis.


    Integreon has been a trusted partner to the client for the past 13 years and continues to be the sole document processing provider to the firm, primarily providing document processing, transcription and proofreading support.

    By consolidating their document centers into a VPC, the firm was able to eliminate overtime and temp costs while receiving 24/7/365 support.

    Over the years, Integreon has worked with the client to better define the roles of their secretaries and document centers, to help improve their attorney-to-secretary ratios. Integreon recently helped the firm move from a 4:1 ratio to 5:1, and is working to achieve a 6:1 ratio firmwide. By refocusing the client’s secretarial staff, they are now able to focus on higher-value, client-relationship tasks.

    Our streamlined workflow processes increased the utilization of the client’s onsite operators before they were absorbed into Integreon. In all, the firm has achieved an estimated $6 million in annual cost savings by consolidating document processing.

    Additionally, we recently implemented an auditing process that improved quality scores by 16%, surpassing the targets set in our service level agreement (SLA). Consistently exceeding our SLA targets for customer feedback helps ensure we maintain the high level of performance that has helped the program grow from the start.