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Integreon’s Legal Services case studies highlight our ability to deliver world-class support, from reviewing and managing 20,000 contracts per year in 14 languages, to compliance surveys covering 2,000 suppliers in more than 35 languages. Click a case study to learn more.

Legal Services case studies

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  • Abstraction and Contractual Risk Mitigation for a Global Real Estate Firm

    When a global real estate services company needed assistance managing various agreements and creating a searchable agreements database, Integreon created a standard manual with defined rules and guidelines, a database for client end users and simplified versions of the client’s standard contracts. This contributed to significant cost savings and the mitigation of contractual risks, allowing the client to achieve greater visibility and control over its contracts.
  • Contract Management for a Fortune 100 Software Developer

    When Microsoft realized that its paralegal-based model for contract review could not meet growing, global demands, they turned to Integreon. Our multi-shore solution, which spans the US, UK and India, and supports the client in 14 languages, has reduced turnaround times to less than one day and pushed quality rates above 98% while seeing us review more than 20,000 contracts per year.
  • Contract Review for a Leading Consulting Firm

    When the legal department at a consulting firm needed a quick turnaround of NDAs, Integreon provided legal assistance to perform first level contract reviews and provide the client with an operations manual to standardize their practices. This solution helped free up time for the client’s in-house attorneys to focus on higher-end work and contributed to a cost saving of more than 50%.
  • Creating a Manual for Standardizing Contracts for a Global Internet Retailer

    When a leading internet retailer needed help standardizing, drafting and modifying contracts, Integreon gathered information from the client’s various offices and created a manual to establish global guidelines and document regional variations. Integreon enabled faster turnaround times for the contracts, growing the original team of two attorneys to a team of five that now handles higher work volumes from the client.
  • Custom Patent Portfolio Analytics for Large Patent Owner

    When a large patent owner wanted to better organize and categorize its current patent portfolio, Integreon’s LPO Intellectual Property team consulted with the client to execute a tagging process and create a workflow that met the client’s deadlines. Integreon’s around-the-clock support, enabling the client’s strategic portfolio analytics review to be delivered in a timely manner.
  • Dimension Data Contract Review

    When an Australian IT company needed to review their contracts with their government and non-governmental clients, Integreon designed a comprehensive solution where Integreon Associates reviewed documents according to client checklists and prepared worksheets, notes and compliance tables. In addition to delivering significant costs savings, Integreon helped the client meet their deadlines and quality standards.

    When a leading UK-based law firm needed to offer cutting-edge, cost-competitive document review to its international clients, Integreon provided an effective solution from our secure delivery centers in Mumbai, India and Manila, Philippines. Since the successful pilot, we have grown with the client to support some of the world’s largest banks from our US and UK centers.
  • Document Review for a Top 5 Investment Bank

    Integreon provides a scalable, high-quality document review solution from secure facilities in Manila, Philippines and Fargo, North Dakota. Our multi-shore, multi-lingual approach has helped the client review more than 5 million documents per year, while delivering savings of up to 80%.
  • Due Diligence Contract Summarization for Legal Department

    When a legal department needed help handling summaries of 30+ key provisions from highly sophisticated power purchasing agreements, for due diligence purposes, Integreon trained its attorneys on the client’s complex regulatory and environmental requirements. Integreon provided complete coverage for the client, even during their busiest months, providing comprehensive summaries that streamlined the client’s process for drafting new agreements.
  • E-Discovery and Document Review Case Studies

    When a company needed to establish a standardized document review process while also reducing costs and improving quality, Integreon delivered an outsourced document review model and trained the client’s associates in its use. Through outsourced, on-shore review, the client’s costs will be reduced from $60M per year to $15M. The client anticipates greater savings in the future, through offshore reviews.
  • E-Discovery and Document Review for an AmLaw 200 Firm’s Fortune 100 client

    When an AmLaw 200 firm needed help with end-to-end e-discovery and document review for its client, a Fortune 100 technology company facing a government inquiry, Integreon applied an intelligent collection process that narrowed terabytes of data down to the relevant documents. This enabled the client to quickly respond to the government agency and also lowered collection time and costs.
  • E-Discovery and Managed Review Solution for A Global Financial Services Provider

    When a major global financial services provider was facing an investigation and needed to choose a managed review partner that would ensure a defensible process, the client choose Integreon. Integreon's approach to processing and review reduced 3.7M records down to 132K responsive documents in about four months.
  • Global Know Your Supplier Compliance for Fortune 250 Retailer

    When a Fortune 250 retailer faced US Department of Justice monitoring over anti-corruption rules, Integreon helped the company complete a detailed compliance survey of approximately 2,000 high-risk suppliers, in 35 languages, across the globe. Integreon drew on multilingual Associates in the US and UK to complete the survey on-time and on-budget.
  • Investment Bank Improves Ability to Manage Contracts Globally

    When a global investment bank was looking for ways to reduce its contract management budget without losing resources, Integreon provided a full-service contract management function that monitors workflows according to the company’s security standards and best practices. Integreon’s solution, and client-dedicated team, resulted in significant costs savings for the client.
  • Legal Research and Legislative Tracking for a Major Lobbying Group

    When a major lobbying group needed to update its laws and cases concerning its business, Integreon monitored updates from multiple states and wrote summaries of the legal changes affecting the client. This freed up time for the client’s in-house attorneys to focus on higher value, more complex tasks and the client realized significant costs savings.
  • Managing Contract Revisions for a Major Telecom Service Provider

    When a major Australian telecom service provider needed help tracking and consolidating its business contracts, Integreon delivered to the client a review process where review experts would compare documents to find variations and incorporate those variations into the main contracts. Integreon reviewed more than 8,000 documents in less than six weeks, freeing up the client’s time so that they could focus on more important matters.
  • Managing Millions of Documents for IP Litigation

    When a global consumer technology company engaged in patent and IP litigation across multiple districts and jurisdictions needed an expedited workflow to process, review and manage millions of related documents, Integreon’s best practices and proprietary software helped the client meet court-mandated deadlines while our offshore delivery center realized significant cost savings for the client.
  • More Efficient Managed Review in the UK with Pioneering Use of Predictive Coding

    A leading international law firm was representing a financial services company in a lawsuit alleging negligence by its auditing firm. The law firm enlisted Recommind to provide an eDiscovery platform and, in parallel, engaged Integreon to provide a team of legal reviewers that, at peak, totaled 80. The firm sought to both keep costs down and identify key documents quickly for case preparation, goals that were challenged by the sheer volume of the data set and the fact that data delivery would be staggered over several months. A pressing timetable of disclosures necessitated starting with a linear review. However, it was unlikely the ultimate deadline could cost-effectively be met by linear review alone. So advanced analytics and, in particular, Predictive Coding, were applied to ensure that the firm’s goals and disclosure requirements were fully met.
  • Offshore Dedicated Delivery Center Created for Contract Compliance Review

    When a global financial services company needed to reduce costs and follow consistent review protocols, Integreon provided the client with a dedicated delivery center to review protocols and dedicated, cross-trained Associates to handle other routine legal-related tasks. Because the dedicated team was able to familiarize themselves with the client’s financial documents, this translated into less time spent on the review process and resulted in significant cost savings.
  • Offshore Document Review for AmLaw 50 Firm Acting for a Fortune 500 Company

    When a global consumer products company needed help reviewing 2.5 million documents from multiple jurisdictions, Integreon deployed an offshore team to assist the client in establishing workflow. Integreon saved the client more than 40%, provided high-quality work that achieved a 98% accuracy rating, and establish an ongoing relationship. Over the last three years, we have reviewed more than 4 million documents for this client.
  • Regulatory Compliance and Issue Monitoring for a Top 10 Australian Corporation

    When a the legal department of a top-ten Australian corporation lacked the resources to monitor and report on ongoing media and legal developments in issues relevant to the company, Integreon provided a dedicated offshore resource who provided weekly and monthly updates. Our scalable resource reduced the client’s costs by more than 40% and enabled the client to pro-actively manage consumer awareness against negative media.
  • Review/Negotiation of NDAs for Leading Data Center and Cloud Services Provider

    When Asia’s leading data center and cloud service provider needed a cost-effective solution for legal review and negotiation of non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), Integreon provided the client with a comprehensive NDA review playbook and an offshore delivery hub for NDA review. This allowed the client’s in-house legal team to devote more time and resources to other critical work and helped cut costs significantly.
  • Risk Monitoring for a Major Telecommunications Provider

    When a major telecom provider needed worldwide help monitoring cases and news reports relating to the potential affect of radiation from cell phones and base stations on the public’s health, Integreon took on the process of collating the data and writing regular reports. The updated process resulted in shorter cycles, on-time report delivery and overall cost savings.
  • Trademark Enforcement Support for Fortune 50 Technology Company

    When a Fortune 50 technology company needed help enforcing and monitoring their approximately 150 trademarks, Integreon gathered information on the client’s enforcement policies/practices and created a manual and workflow to establish consistency. The manual contained guidelines, a stepwise approach to identify infringement, draft cease and desist letters, and a communications protocol. This allowed the client to more rapidly and fully enforce their trademarks.