Document Processing Overflow Support


When a general practice law firm with ten offices wanted to provide 24/7 document processing services to their staff, Integreon offered continuous support and workflow coordination, leading to faster turnaround times, higher quality, rapid scalability and measurable savings. Over the last three years, Integreon has saved the firm more than $1M in overtime costs.


Management at a law firm with 475 attorneys in ten offices wanted to provide 24/7 internal document processing services but needed to reduce operating costs. Their internal document centers were poorly utilized during the second and third shifts, overtime costs were high and hiring for evenings, overnights and weekends was difficult.


The client turned to Integreon to deliver firm-wide document processing and overflow services, including transcription and proofreading, after hours. We initially operated from 5:00 p.m. ET to 8:00 a.m. PT weekdays and on weekends, but the client quickly moved to a 24/7/365 service.

Integreon accessed the firm’s document management system through a terminal login structure. Deadlines were mutually agreed upon and we were able to prioritize work as needed to accommodate rush requests.

Several times each month, Integreon worked with the firm’s internal resources to complete large projects. In these cases, Integreon provided a workflow coordinator to ensure smooth management of the project, an approach the client has since adopted for all services.


With 24/7/365 coverage across all offices, the firm now sees faster turnaround times and higher quality on all projects. The firm also benefits from our rapid scalability. Lastly, as in-house resources have left, the firm has transferred their work to Integreon rather than incurring the recruiting and training costs of filling open positions.

Over the last three years, the firm has saved more than $1 million in overtime costs. Reductions in software purchases, licensing fees, recruiting fees, etc., have only added to the savings Integreon delivers for this client.