Presentation Services – Desktop Publishing and Design


When a global financial services firm wanted to increase its desktop publishing service levels and document quality, while reducing turnaround times and incorporating Japanese language skills, Integreon delivered a multi-shore solution that met all of their needs. Today, the program has 150 FTE and our Manila location is the client’s “Delivery Center of Choice”.


In 2008, the client, a global financial services firm, wished to provide its bankers with an alternative choice to their incumbent desktop publishing (DTP) service provider. The client wanted to increase service levels, reduce turn-around times and increase the quality of the overall banker experience. In addition, the client wanted to mitigate risk by implementing a multi shore solution incorporating support from onsite, India and the Philippines. Lastly, the client required the ability to deliver documents in the Japanese language.


Integreon offered to build a locked-down dedicated delivery center in our Manila location to meet the client’s compliance requirements.

Then, with an initial team size of 25 FTEs trained on DTP technologies and the client’s branding standards and proprietary tools, Integreon developed and rolled-out a customized “communications and service” training course to better enable our Associates to handle banker interactions. Through our extensive language capabilities, Integreon was able to provide Japanese language support from the first day.


Integreon quickly met the client’s requirements on turn-around times. As the program grew, Integreon expanded technical capabilities to include multi-media presentations and creative services. Through multivendor relationships, Integreon also expanded partnerships with other vendors to provide business continuity support on a 24/7 basis.

Feedback from the client’s bankers was very positive and the client not only expanded the team to 150+ FTEs, they also rated Integreon’s Manila location as their “Delivery Center of Choice”.