Document Services case studies

Integreon’s Document Services case studies highlight our ability to deliver world-class support, from providing overflow word processing support for 475 attorneys to saving a client $6M with a virtual offshore production center. Click a case study to learn more.

Document Services case studies

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  • Adding Word Processing Capacity and Design Skills

    When an AmLaw 50 firm faced high turnover and temporary worker costs in their marketing department, Integreon added a graphic designer to their overflow word processing support team. The revised Integreon team offered additional coverage while lowering overall costs and is now the standard creative option within the firm.
  • CRM Marketing Support for an International Law Firm

    When a law firm was falling behind in its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tasks, they turned to Integreon to provide the efficiency and expertise of an outsourced solution. Thanks to our dedicated CRM support solution, the client is now able to commit their employees to high-value projects.
  • Document Processing for a Business and Litigation Firm

    A 500-attorney business and litigation firm had three goals: reduce the high cost of in-house word processing services, modernize their administrative support model and reduce headcount. Integreon’s Shared Services model gave the client the flexibility to purchase support at hourly rates.
  • Document Processing for AmLaw 75 Firm

    When an AmLaw 75 firm wanted to replace 13 internal document production centers with one outsourced solution, Integreon’s delivered a flexible service model and a 24/7 location. Our solution saved the client more than $9.5M over three years and helped improve the attorney-to-secretary ratio to 3.5:1.
  • Document Processing Overflow Support

    When a general practice law firm with ten offices wanted to provide 24/7 document processing services to their staff, Integreon offered continuous support and workflow coordination, leading to faster turnaround times, higher quality, rapid scalability and measurable savings. Over the last three years, Integreon has saved the firm more than $1M in overtime costs.
  • Document Processing Support and Workflow Management for a Law Firm

    When a top ten global law firm needed to reduce its document processing costs and increase availability, Integreon created an on-shore virtual production center. The new center is open 24/7, helps the client reduce their attorney-to-secretary ratios and saves an estimated $6M annually.
  • Integrating Infrastructure for a Top Global Law Firm

    When an AmLaw top three global firm, faced internal pressure to reduce its word processing costs, they expanded their existing relationship with Integreon. Integreon created a dedicated, secure word processing center that seamlessly integrated with the client’s environment.
  • Lowering Costs While Improving Morale

    An international business law firm needed additional capacity to meet growing internal demand for word processing services. Integreon’s blended model of dedicated and Shared Services resources gives the client 24/7 coverage, freeing the client’s word processing staff to focus on higher-value assignments.
  • Presentation Services – Desktop Publishing and Design

    When a global financial services firm wanted to increase its desktop publishing service levels and document quality, while reducing turnaround times and incorporating Japanese language skills, Integreon delivered a multi-shore solution that met all of their needs. Today, the program has 150 FTE and our Manila location is the client’s “Delivery Center of Choice”.
  • Presentation services – PowerPoint Design

    A law firm found it difficult for attorneys to edit documents assembled in graphic design programs. By switching to Microsoft Office, and working with Integreon, the client has reduced the total costs and gained the flexibility to customize documents or make last minute changes.
  • Presentation Services for Strategic Support

    When a global asset management firm faced a sudden upswing in attrition from its document production team, Integreon worked with the client to transfer the team’s knowledge and replace its production capacity. Today, the program has 13 dedicated Associates and handles fluctuating hours via offshore centers.
  • Proofreading Pilot for AmLaw 75 firm

    When an AmLaw 75 firm sought a document services outsourcing partner, they required prospective vendors to complete a test project. By delivering quickly and effectively on this initial program, Integreon became the client’s outsourcer of choice. Today, we also provide this client database management and CRM support.
  • Sales Presentation Services For a Global Law Firm

    When a UK Magic Circle law firm wanted to lower its sales presentation development costs while setting new standards for document images and templates, they hired Integreon.
    Our offshore solution met their goals while improving overall quality and increasing the probability of winning new business.
  • Shared Services for Document Processing

    When a 500-attorney business and litigation firm needed to reduce the costs – and headcount – associated with word processing, Integreon offered an hourly-rate Shared Services model. that delivered 24/7 availability. By consolidating word processing with Integreon, the firm saved more than $9.5M over three years.