CRM - Database Management Services and Expert Support for a Law Firm


When an international law firm needed a dedicated team of experts to develop, manage and upgrade its CRM application, Integreon offered a team of offshore professionals managed by a US-based expert. Integreon’s CRM management and support services delivered improved data and more reliable support, encouraging greater CRM use by client staff. The firm anticipates that Integreon’s CRM support will save them 50% compared to their previous, in-house support.


  • A progressive, innovative international law firm needed a dedicated team of experts to develop, manage and upgrade its CRM application.
  • The firm wanted to utilize CRM for maximum business benefit, in a cost-effective manner, and increase the skills of its in-house team.
  • To increase the adoption of a tool that already had more than 2,000 users, the firm’s priority was to provide ready support options.
  • Solution

  • The client engaged Integreon to manage and develop their CRM application.
  • We deployed a dedicated team of three skilled professionals in India, with an onshore CRM expert. The team has in depth knowledge and expertise in different versions of the firm’s CRM tool.
  • Besides managing the application, the team offers expert advise and innovative solutions, so that client can better leverage their CRM application
  • We worked with the client’s IT department to learn company standards, formats, etc. and were able to go live in two weeks.
  • The onshore CRM expert set up transition processes that were fluid and transparent, hedging against likely risks to ensure a seamless transition.
  • The offshore team provides services such prompt, single-window resolution of all user queries and data cleansing to client standards.
  • The onshore CRM expert acts as an advisor /guide, working closely with the client at a strategic level , helping align CRM set up to business strategy
  • Impact

  • The firm is experiencing a significant increase in the use of CRM data to support key marketing activities such as pitches, targeting and events.
  • The CRM team is currently supporting all of the firm’s European offices and is expanding support to other international locations.
  • With improvements in data quality, support, transparency and flexibility, the client has increased the scope of CRM services to include high-end work such as legal directory and international referrals. In addition, the firm also successfully referred Integreon to one of it’s allies in the US.
  • Even as our services expand, the firm expects to achieve a cost savings of at least 50%.