Business Services Case Study – Integrating Existing Operations


When our client, a leading provider of corporate and market data, acquired a niche competitor, they asked Integreon to transfer the staff to a captive, Integreon-managed center without disrupting their work. We developed a comprehensive communication plan to communicate with the acquired staff and transitioned all of then to new roles with the client.


In Q1 2014, our client, a leading provider of corporate, financial, market and M&A data, acquired a niche competitor focused on mining. The former competitor had 12 analysts in Manila that needed to be integrated into the client’s existing operations without disrupting their work.


Communicating the change to the analysts, along with the client’s goals for the transition, would be critical to our success. Our communication plan included:

  • Meeting with the analysts to discuss the transition plan
  • Giving analysts a direct line to key managers for questions
  • Giving analysts a tour of their new offices, highlighting the benefits
  • Holding a series of general town hall meetings about Integreon and the client
  • Holding a series of one-to-one meetings to discuss analysts individual situations, including the client’s compensation and benefits packages, etc.
  • Discussions on the differences between the analysts old office and their new office, as well as how to make the most of the changes
  • Impact

    As a result of our comprehensive work with the client, 100% of the acquired team was transferred, with no disruption to their ongoing work.