Business Services Case Study – BUILDING A CAPTIVE CENTER


When SNL Financial, a leading provider of corporate and financial data needed a new center to meet its aggressive growth targets, they turned to Integreon. Our build-operate-transfer (BOT) experience and our established presence in Manila helped open their new research delivery center on-time and on-budget while saving SNL Financial up to $500K annually.


The client, a leading provider of corporate, financial, market and M&A data, had a large operation in Pakistan and India, but their presence in both countries was primarily in small-market cities.

In order to meet their aggressive growth targets, the client needed to quickly build and scale a research center in a large market. Manila met their criteria, but the client had no experience in the Philippines and needed to quickly setup their operation without the growing pains that come with entering a new market.


Integreon drew on the following strengths to create a build-operatetransfer (BOT) research center for the client:

  • Transparency: Since everything would be known to the client after the transfer, Integreon was completely transparent in all aspects of the program.
  • The advantages of being part of the Ayala Group of Companies:
    • The Ayala Corporation, one of the largest and oldest conglomerates in the Philippines, is a leading investor in Integreon.
    • As part of the Ayala Group of Companies, Integreon has ties with the Philippines’ largest real estate development firm, largest bank – In terms of market capitalization – and second-largest telecom. These ties helped accelerate the creation of the new Manila center.
    • The Ayala brand, which made it easy for Integreon to attract highquality applicants to our Manila center.
  • Client customization and localization: Integreon tailored some of the client’s existing policies and processes to dovetail with those in place at our current Manila delivery center.
  • Impact

    In three months, Integreon acquired, designed, and built a 14,00o sq. ft. floor, with 175 workstations, specifically for the client. We also hired, trained and made operational 40 Associates. After four months, the productivity and accuracy levels of Associates in Manila were equal to or better than client teams in India or the US who had been working on the program for two-to-three years.

    Integreon’s expertise, and experience in Manila, made it possible for us to set up the client’s research delivery center much faster than they could alone. Integreon has always shared best practices in sourcing, hiring and retaining talent with its partners. Being new to the Philippine market, these are all lessons the client would have otherwise learned the hard way.

    Throughout the design, development and implementation of the center, Integreon provided the client access to the most cost-effective, best-inclass vendors. We also provided the client another perspective on managing operations, particularly in terms of people, by teaching the client to analyze and manage employee profiles and attrition.

    Once the center was operational, Integreon helped the client integrate their Philippines operation with the rest of their worldwide BCP plans. When Integreon transferred operations to the client in August 2012, the center had 206 Associates.

    Since then, Integreon has built, operated and transferred a second Manila delivery center for this client. This 9,700 sq. ft. center has 133 workstations and was delivered to the client in September 2014.