CLE Lunch & Learns

Our complimentary courses combine continuing legal education credits with practical lessons from subject matter experts on a range of legal, operational and compliance challenges and an actual lunch, all delivered to your office. At one hour per course, it’s an efficient way to stay on top of the issues that matter.

Our CLE Lunch & Learns help organizations better manage the cost and complexity associated with e-discovery and other legal, operational and compliance challenges. We bring lunch to you while our subject matter experts discuss innovative processes and new developments in the legal world. The following topics are available as one-hour courses and are CLE-eligible, pending accreditation and depending on scheduling. If you are interested in having us present them to your team, please contact us at

  • Fact-Finding and Strategically Reducing Corporate Data: Defensibly Reducing Discovery Costs in FCPA Anti-Corruption Compliance and Litigation

    This session highlights essential considerations that must be made by corporations undergoing fact-finding and taking steps to reduce their data, whether a company is conducting fact-finding reactively, in a litigation context, or proactively, in an investigatory context.

  • Developments in Data Analytics and Predictive Coding: Pros & Cons

    This course covers today’s technology-enabled solutions and the accompanying processes that can help avoid discovery pitfalls, ensure successful outcomes, control costs and meet increasingly stringent standards for defensibility.

  • Ahead of the Curve: Navigating the E-Discovery and Compliance Anti-Money Laundering Minefield

    This session provides critical insight into the e-discovery process, and “know your customer” compliance obligations pertaining to anti-money-laundering regulations – both those that exist today and that are on the horizon for tomorrow.

  • Collecting and Preserving ESI in the Cloud in Multi-Jurisdiction Corporations

    This session highlights the essential issues related to cloud computing and their implications for e-discovery management in multi-jurisdiction corporations.

  • Tips for Maximizing Your Relationships with Outside Counsel and Discovery Services Provider

    This session provides attendees with a better understanding of how to collaborate with outside counsel and discovery project managers to work efficiently and reduce e-discovery costs, whether working with a compliance initiative or preparing for litigation.

  • Ethics of Legal Process Outsourcing

    This course helps attorneys engaging in or contemplating LPO to make appropriate decisions by explaining their profession’s ethical rules and the law’s current requirements.

  • ABC’s of Technology-Assisted Review

    This course offers an introduction to technology-assisted review. Attendees will learn the ins and outs of TAR, and the various ways it can be used to drive greater efficiency and quality in the document review process, including: intelligent batching, concept searching, clustering, categorization, find similar and predictive coding – all in plain English, too!