Groundbreaking Ceremony Heralds New, Larger Integreon Facility in Fargo


Blog post by Penny Retzer regarding the groundbreaking for a new Integreon facility in Fargo, North Dakota.

    Penny Retzer (me) speaking at the groundbreaking ceremony in Fargo, April 14, 2014.

    Penny Retzer (me) speaking at the groundbreaking ceremony in Fargo, April 14, 2014.

    It’s an exciting time to be with Integreon. Business is booming and the company is expanding from all corners of the world to meet growing client demand for our award-winning legal, document, research and business outsourcing solutions.

    Location of the future Integreon facility at 3247 47 St. S. Opening November 2014.

    Location of the future Integreon facility at 3247 47 St. S. Opening November 2014.

    What started in 1998 with a handful of Associates supporting an investment banking client – with business services delivered from what was then a very humble office in New York – has today become a global organization with more than 2,000 Associates spanning five continents and 12 delivery centers, serving many of the world’s leading law firms, corporate law departments, financial Institutions and professional services firms.
    Integreon breaking ground at its new location in Fargo.

    Integreon breaking ground at its new location in Fargo.

    As we’ve grown over the years, we’ve also expanded our operations to ensure we continue to support our clients with the highest quality services. This includes recently moving to new facilities in New York City and Noida, India, and opening an additional facility in Manila, Philippines. This week, we led the groundbreaking ceremony for yet another new facility, a building under construction in Fargo, North Dakota. We’ve out-grown our two existing Fargo buildings, so the plan is to open a larger one in November 2014. The new facility will enable us to consolidate operations into a single building, with room to grow even more.

    Our Fargo Heritage
    We’ve been in Fargo for more than 13 years, and our growing presence has been one of the area’s best-kept secrets. The roots of our operation began in 2001, with University of North Dakota grad Peter Pantaleo. Peter, who was with a law firm in Washington, D.C. at the time, saw a need for specialized support services for law firms. He set out to start a business and was attracted to North Dakota because of its skilled workforce and the support offered to him by the Greater Fargo Moorhead Economic Development Corporation.

    Born as CBF Group in 2000, the business began operating with just two Associates. It was acquired in 2007 by Integreon, and now the team in Fargo has grown to more than 300 Associates. Along the way, we’ve expanded from our original 5,000 square feet of offices, to the 26,500 square feet we have today across two buildings. By the end of this year we’ll have 34,000 square feet in one new facility. This move further emphasizes Integreon’s commitment as a company to provide clients with a variety of 24/7 services from the US and abroad. Our ability to service customers from these different locations allows all locations to thrive, and gives our customers the choices they need for their own demanding businesses and clients.

    A Positive Impact to the Fargo Community
    Although I’ve described us as Fargo’s best-kept secret, we’ve made a strong impact on the lives of many of the people who live here. We’re a primary service sector business, which means that substantially all of our revenue is earned from outside of Fargo. And, as our business has steadily grown, we are almost always on the lookout for new hires. In fact, we anticipate 30 additional hires through the end of this year alone! In addition, we contribute regularly to our community through Integreon’s corporate social responsibility program. Not only do we take pride in how we add value to our clients, but we also strive to make a difference in the locales where our Associates work and live. It is an important part of our company DNA, and we encourage our Associates to live it every day.

    Our Award-Winning Fargo Team
    When it comes to business, the Integreon team in Fargo provides 24/7 service and support to more than 100 of the 250+ clients Integreon serves around the world. Services delivered from our Fargo facility include document processing; presentation services; marketing support; transcription; proofreading; workflow coordination; HR, administrative and secretarial support; legal document review and contract management. The team also collaborates almost daily with other Integreon colleagues around the world, including those in Mumbai, India; Manila, Philippines; Arlington, Virginia; and London and Bristol in the United Kingdom.

    An example of this collaboration is our contract management and review support for Microsoft Corporation. The Fargo team works closely with our colleagues in Bristol, who have considerable foreign language expertise, to support Microsoft’s 20,000 contracts per year in 14 languages across 125 countries. The quality of our work for Microsoft was recently recognized by the International Association for Contract and Commercial Management (IACCM), which presented Integreon with their 2013 Innovation Award for our delivery of “outstanding” service and support. A detailed case study of this program is available . As a key delivery center for this work, I could not be more proud of my Fargo teammates for this great accomplishment!

    Our Microsoft account is only one example of the great work we do in Fargo. We strive to always provide exceptional service to every one of our clients, whether they are a small regional law firm or multi-national corporation. Other case study examples of Integreon’s work, and not just that of the Fargo team, can be found here.

    Watch the TV News Coverage
    Our groundbreaking ceremony earlier this week received some great TV news coverage across all of the local Fargo broadcast networks. Some of the reports I found online follow:

    Looking Ahead
    Fargo is an important location for our global company. We’ve had great success in growing our skilled workforce here and in serving our clients from this facility, which is why we’re continuing to invest here. The modern design and employee-friendly environment of our new facility will represent the Integreon brand, value and excellence that Integreon has built throughout the years. As I stood at our new site on Monday and as I look at the plan for our impressive new building, I am amazed at how far we have come, both in Fargo and as a global company. We look forward to the continuing success and growth of our business and to making a difference in Fargo and all the other local communities where we operate.

    Penny Retzer is the general manager of Integreon’s Fargo facility. She also serves as the global head of document services at Integreon.

    For a brief overview of Integreon and our global operations and business, watch our new video. My thanks to the Integreon marketing team for putting this together.