Centre for Legal Services Innovation


Centre for Legal Services Innovation.

Integreon created its internal Centre for Legal Services Innovation to systematically assess the future of the legal industry. The Centre works with industry leaders and client service teams to identify, develop and deliver excellence and innovation with respect to enhancing existing services and developing new ones. The Centre’s executive sponsor is Integreon’s CEO, Bob Gogel, and its consulting personnel are comprised of LPO industry thought leaders; Six Sigma black belts; technologists; management consultants and LPO solution architects.

The Centre continually explores:

  • Emerging technologies that can enable the Integreon LPO resources to work better, faster and more cost effectively
  • How best to leverage the learnings and experiences from across Integreon’s broad array of LPO client engagements
  • Expanding beyond traditional LPO service lines into a broader array of high-impact solutions, including: high-level onsite resourcing; immigration; compliance; global know your customer and know your supplier (KYC & KYS) due diligence; and legal department consulting and transformation
  • Changes in the legal market and regulatory landscape, such as the introduction of alternative business structures (ABS) and their potential impact on Integreon’s operating model
  • Industry conferences, roundtables and other events that promote innovation within the legal profession, encourage an exchange of ideas and foster a spirit of collaboration
  • Leveraging the cross-business unit capabilities present at Integreon, specifically the research and analytics capabilities of Integreon’s Grail Research business unit
  • One example of how Integreon clients have benefitted from the Centre has been in the field of mass contract information/meta-data abstraction. Historically, the process of abstracting information/meta-data from volumes of contractual documentation was an entirely manual one. Today, the Centre is working with exciting emerging technologies that significantly reduce the cost associated with manual contract review by:
  • Effectively auto-triaging contracts based on certain business rules (e.g. exclusion of expired, duplicate, unsigned or immaterial contracts)
  • Grouping contracts into the correct hierarchy and prioritizing the most critical contracts
  • Automatically abstracting contract information/metadata from portfolios of scanned and OCR-processed contracts.
  • Integreon periodically assigns senior consultants from the Centre to work closely with selected clients. These consultant participate in the quarterly/bi-annual collaboration sessions, while also ensuring that our clients benefit from the ongoing work of the Centre.