Allegory helps you win by automating everyday litigation tasks, connecting your case from every angle, and giving you the answers you need at your fingertips.



Manage all your cases from one easy-to-use dashboard and simple case home pages, accessible from anywhere.


At-a-glance witness pages and automatic linking to key witness materials make managing witnesses simple and accurate.


Maximize every piece of evidence — from key documents to deposition testimony — by easily cross-referencing details.


Enables my teams to focus on winning our cases rather than wasting hours chasing after the same information over and over again.

Mobility + Security

Access your case from anywhere, including any smartphone or tablet. Our secure, fast, easy-to-use platform, optimized for your desktop or mobile browser, makes real-time collaboration across offices and locations a reality. No software or plug-ins to install — simply log in and go.

Allegory has implemented the same services and systems for our cloud-based architecture as those used by highly sensitive commercial and government institutions such as NASA, the FDA, Citrix, Pfizer, and numerous e-discovery services.

Among other security measures, our web-based platform is protected by a virtual private network, multi-factor authentication, encryption in transit, encryption at rest, complex passwords, inactivity time-outs, backups and recovery systems, testing and error reporting, continuous monitoring and updating, and Information, Organization, and Asset Security Policies.

We are happy to work with you to ensure that your use of our services meets the requirements and recommendations of your state ethics opinions on cloud computing, compiled by the American Bar Association Law Practice Division.


Leverage the Value of Attorney and Paralegal Work

Our philosophy is to leverage the way you work, never to change the way you work. Allegory is tailored to the everyday language and processes already in place for most litigation teams, enabling you to accomplish the same tasks, but faster, more accurately, and with better collaboration.

Alma Asay, a former BigLaw litigator, originally designed and founded Allegory as a dream-come-true tool for litigation teams based on her experiences litigating complex commercial litigations at Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP.

Today, all of our clients — big and small — drive new feature development, making Allegory a tool designed by the best litigation teams in the country.

We work closely with our clients to incorporate feedback and to see for ourselves what additional daily challenges we can tackle through enhancements to Allegory, which are released on a near-weekly basis.

This collective and continuous process of enhancing Allegory to exceed our clients' expectations ensures that Allegory remains best-in-class, offering first-of-their-kind new features that give our clients an immediate advantage.

To learn first-hand how Allegory can solve a specific challenge faced by your litigation team, or to learn more about how we have solved challenges faced by litigation teams like yours, contact us.

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Everyday Litigation Tasks — as Simple as Flipping a Light Switch

Automatically create Binders and Court-ready Exhibits in seconds. Easily link evidence to your Order of Proof on the fly. Allegory automates and simplifies everyday litigation tasks, so your team’s time and brainpower is spent on the most important task — winning your case.

Allegory is a litigation management tool, not an e-discovery tool. This means that Allegory is focused on how and why you are using key documents to win your litigation, rather than triaging through the e-discovery process to what gets produced.

To help your team make immediate use of Allegory’s features, Allegory not only automates and simplifies your everyday litigation tasks once key documents are loaded, it also automates and simplifies the process of getting your documents transferred in the first place.

Whether at the outset of a case (pre-discovery), as key documents are produced in discovery, or long after production, as the team is down to working with deposition or trial exhibits, we have an easy-upload solution for every scenario, (including associated data), so you can immediately realize the benefits of Allegory on any document set.

Allegory is e-discovery provider agnostic and no technical know-how is required, so you can do it yourself (or we can still do it for you if you prefer).

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Smart Software To Help You Think on Your Feet

Allegory is like a smartphone, putting the information you need at your fingertips when and how you need it. For example, like a smartphone cross-references phone numbers across many applications, Allegory cross-references documents and other information across many litigator workflows.

Nothing out of reach

Allegory puts your entire case at your fingertips, including a Search function that searches across your entire case (or multiple cases) in one easy search, with filter options and context-display results.

Access information from multiple angles

Want to see everywhere a document has been used as an exhibit? Simply open the document. Want to, instead, see all of the documents that were used as exhibits to a particular motion? Simply open the motion. Cross-references throughout Allegory link how documents inter-relate, so your case is connected from any angle.

One tool to cover it all

Whether you use Allegory for one case or multiple cases, Allegory spans the entire life cycle of your case(s). Allegory can even be used long after a single case is over, to retrieve key information about past cases and give your firm a tactical advantage to get new business.

Skip to what you need, skip over what you don’t

No messy folders here. Allegory’s easy-to-use interface directs you to where to look, and indexes on each page allow plain language filtering to immediately find what you need. Other advanced features based on common lookup strategies allow you to quickly target what you need without any searching or filtering.

See what you don’t have, as well as what you do

Allegory is designed around the information we expect your litigation team to have (just like an “Add New Contact” form in your phone suggests common contact information). Unlike folders and filenames, which make it impossible to see at a glance what is missing, Allegory predicts the documents and information your team should have (e.g., for a motion or a witness), and makes immediately obvious what your team may be missing, before it is too late.

Answers at your fingertips

Just like smartphones have put the answers at our fingertips in our everyday lives, Allegory now puts the answers at your fingertips for your case(s). Now, you can think on your feet, be the fastest person in the room with any answer, and focus on winning your case.

To see Allegory in action, contact us for a demonstration.

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Smart Software AND Smart Service

For teams that could use an extra hand, we offer optional services to help you get and/or stay on top of your cases. By defining the process for everyday litigation tasks in Allegory itself, we have streamlined the ability to deliver these core litigation services, including preparing evidence, creating binders, and digesting depositions.

In addition to best-in-class software, the Allegory team also delivers best-in-class services to help you make the most of your Allegory experience.

The Allegory team is made up of former BigLaw attorneys, paralegals, and litigation support specialists, each of whom understands the pressure to deliver quickly and the importance of getting it right.

Our services are built on a foundation of best practices that we not only build into what we deliver, but also into your team as they use Allegory.

From an easy-to-follow interface and step-by-step “learn as you go” guides for common litigation processes, to a full-service team to support you if you so choose, we make adopting best practices more straightforward than ever before.

Learn more (and get CLE credit) by signing up for our “Looking at Risks Beyond E-Discovery” CLE Presentation.

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Get Started Today

It is never too late or too early to get started using Allegory. Whether you are investigating a new claim, halfway through depositions, or a month away from trial — Allegory gives you and your client the upper hand. To prove it, we offer new clients free services to help get your first case up to speed.

Get started with your own case

The first time you use Allegory, we want you to see it populated with your case — organized just the way you wish it would have been, as if you had been using Allegory all along. Take us up on our offer to help you get your case up to speed (for free!) and immediately realize the benefits of the Allegory Advantage.

Ask for references

Our clients include AmLaw100 and AmLaw200 law firms, litigation boutiques, Fortune500 companies, and government agencies, across the United States. We are glad to provide attorney and paralegal references, including for specific use cases, so you can hear for yourself how Allegory has made a difference for litigation teams like yours.

Schedule a “Looking at Risks Beyond E-Discovery” CLE Presentation

We will discuss how your litigation teams can protect themselves and your firm against dropping the ball by discussing the significance of smart litigation management, using real-world examples from recent court decisions, reinforcing best practices, and highlighting intuitive technology solutions for staying on top of it all.

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Modernize your litigation practice with our secure, easy-to-use platform. Navigate your entire case from a collaborative, centralized hub—accessible anywhere, anytime. Perform rote litigation tasks up to 56x faster and gain unprecedented insight your evidence.

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